U Orthograde Obturation Technique

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

This page describes an endodontic obturation technique using a hydraulic gafting material like OrthoMTA. The technique involves:

● 1Minimum master apical file (MAF) preparation of size 30 ● Minimum 0.04 taper of the prepared canal ● 0.04/size 25 tapered niti. finger spreader to create apical space ● Rotary niti. condenser to apply OrthoMTA paste @ 4500-5000 rpm for 15 seconds ● The use OrthoMTA Condensor dramatically improves the success rate of orthograde grafting treatments. ● The OrthoMTA Condensor, an .02 tapered engine driven condenser, can simultaneously    introduce and condense hydraulic OrthoMTA paste into the canal system. ● OrthoMTA Condensers have a taper that increases the diameter by .02 mm for each    millimeter of the distance measured from the tip of the instrument toward the handle.    Having a working portion of the shaft of 16 mm, it follows that the diameter toward the    handle is .32 mm larger than the tip (ie 16 x .02). The OrthoMTA condensor with its    .02 taper and size #25 at the apical tip will therefore have a diameter .57mm at the    end of the working portion (.25 + [.02 x 16]).

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